Secure the consensus mechanism

Select committee nodes and achieve consensus.



Current number of validators on mainnet



Current numbers of countries established with ANFS

HPOS Consensus Mechanism Overall Architecture

Which divides the blockchain into several shards maintained by several nodes per shard, greatly reduces storage, computation and communication costs.

Validator Rewards

Node Types and Selection

In the HPOS consensus mechanism, the participating nodes are divided into general user nodes, shard sequence generation nodes, and shard sequence verification nodes.



The ANFS is a blockchain platform implemented by the original HPOS (Hybrid Proof of Sequence) consensus algorithm. The current version of Bankia (On-chain Module Network) is implemented by NPOS + BFT.

About AFS


Autonomous Network Cross Domain Flexible Sharded System (ANFS) uses efficient consensus mechanism that is fractional based, where distributed systems will work together and security these networks of blockchain is assured.

Comparison With Others

Transaction Throughput
500+ Transaction per Second
50 Transaction per Seconds
15 Transaction per second
Transaction Fee
Transaction Finality
30 sec (1 block)
1 min 15 sec
5 mins

System Start-up Period

It covers mainly the identification of SG and SV nodes and the assignment of SG and SV nodes to each tract. To ensure a smooth start-up phase, an Initiation Committee will be established during the system start-up phase, which consists of 1/2 n nodes randomly selected from the n nodes in the whole network.

Secure a Growing Network

New applications and assets are launching on ANFS every day. Help them flourish and be part of the future.